What is Van Insurance

To put it simply, Van insurance is insurance that may cover a commercial van that is used for business purposes. This is provided that the van in question is not used for Motor Trade services such as a mobile mechanic or valeter, in which case it would require a standard Motor Trade insurance policy instead. Van insurance policies may differ slightly from personal car insurance cover due to the added notion that the van is used for the transportation of goods or tools, for commercial reasons.

What Does Van Insurance Cover?

Most insurance policies are specifically designed to suit a variety of customer needs. This may include policies that cover both the vehicle and the contents that are being transported such as tools, stock, or equipment.

When applying for your policy you should ensure that you have the correct specifications on what you’d need your policy to cover. You should never try and cut costs on your policy by not getting the cover on something important. You wouldn’t want it to come back and haunt you!

There tends to be three different levels of insurance that is provided for vans. The covers are the standard levels of insurance offered in most motor vehicle policies:

Third Party Only – This level of insurance does what it says on the tin! It is a cover that protects any Third Party involved in any incident that you are at fault for. This means that it does not cover your own vehicle’s damages.

Third Party, Fire and Theft – It’s like Third Party Only, but with the added benefit of you being covered for fire damage to your vehicle, and in the case of a vehicle theft.

Comprehensive – The highest level of cover. This policy does everything offered by the previous policies, but also protects the policy holder from any accidental damages done to their own vehicle.

Each level of cover offers something different so it is essential that you consider what the van is used for, what it’s transporting, and what could potentially happen. Some van policies may even offer an extended cover to the contents of your vehicle which will extend to things such as power tools, goods and any other transported items. If you require this level of cover then it is essential that you find an insurer that is able to offer you the policy that you need.

You can also get Van insurance if you are a courier, though this can be more difficult to arrange and more expensive due to the nature of the work carried out by couriers, driving lots of miles and statistically being more likely to make a claim.

What Convictions Does It Cover

Getting an insurance policy that is perfect for you is difficult enough. The added issue of a conviction on your licence can make things much more difficult. Don’t worry too much though, as insurers have developed insurance schemes that are specifically designed for drivers with convictions, to make your life much easier.

As a driver with a conviction you are already considered to be a higher risk on the road than a driver with a clean licence. With vans being bigger, heavier and more powerful, it is even more of a risk for you to be behind the wheel if you have a conviction, in the eyes of an insurer. Even without the conviction, the reduced visibility of a van puts the vehicle in a higher risk category and would be more expensive to insure compared to a standard private car.

Most insurers that provide convicted driver insurance will potentially cover any conviction you have acquired, though there may be some which are more difficult to find cover for. While most insurance providers may ask for a substantial premium for Van insurance for convicted drivers, it is not a lost cause when it comes to finding an affordable price. There may be ways for you to further decrease the price of your insurance, such as choosing a safe location to store your vehicle, which may seem menial, but to an insurance provider it is very important for them to know that the vehicle is as safe as possible to reduce the chance for a claim. Likewise, don’t leave things stored in your van overnight, such as tools or stock, as this makes it a more attractive target for criminals, and increases the potential cost of a claim.

How To Obtain Van Insurance?

Before you even attempt to get a quote for your Van insurance you should make sure you know exactly what you need. Take note of what level of cover you’d like, what definitely needs covering, the required mileage and so on. In having these details to-hand you will prevent yourself from ever agreeing to a policy that you’re not quite sure covers what you need it to cover.

At this point you are ready to go out and find a quote. Have all the vehicle details ready for when you are getting quotes, such as registration, vehicle type and all your own details. This means you can make every quote as quick and painless as possible and that you do not waste any of your time on things that could easily be avoided.